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How to track clean and dirty time

Riter allows you to estimate tasks and track clean and dirty time spent on them. You can track dirty time on the "Working hours" page and clean time on the story pages. Of course, you can use only one of these time estimates, if you like, or do not use time tracking at all depending on the needs of your company.

How to track "clean" time spent on tasks directly

On each story page, you can "Add timeinterval" - some number of minutes and/or hours spent on this task during some period of work. We suggest you record only "clean" time here. The total amount of clean time spent on the task is displayed on the right, in the "Estimate" section}, as the "FACT" field. Try to keep this value as close to the "PLAN" value (estimated time to complete the task) as possible. You can add any number of time intervals with different parameters.

How to track "dirty" working hours spent at work in general

You can find the "Working hours" page in the main menu of each project. In the "My working hours" tab you can record "dirty" time spent on the project (on all its tasks in total). By default, the last bound of the interval is your current time but you can change this value. If necessary, you can configure timezone from the profile settings page to record time intervals according to your local time. In the next "All working hours" you can track (and filter) general statistics on working hours of the whole team.