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How to start using Riter as a manager (administrator)

If you just start using Riter as a manager or an administrator, you should follow some steps before your team can proceed to their work. Sign up your company in Riter if you (or somebody else) haven't done this yet. Then Login to your company and you will be taken to the "Admin panel" at once and prompted to create a new project if you don't have any.

However, if you already have some projects, you will be taken to the main project page instead. Go to the "Admin panel" yourself if you need or start using Riter in the development mode.

First project

Come up with a project name and a shortname. The latter will be used to work with groups of projects. For now, just try to keep it short. The avatar at the bottom of the form belongs to you - you are the only user for now. By default, you have access to the project which you create. You will be able to add other users and give them access to the project later. You could also choose a customer of the project if you had any.

Find out how to create a project already with some users and a customer.

Adding users

Okay, you have created your first project. Let's add a couple of users and give them access to it. As the "Administrator", you can add managers and developers. All managers will be also able to add users later. All new users will get an invitation to your company to their e-mail addresses.

Adding customers

You can specify a customer of your projects. It's not a necessary step. However, if you do this, you will be able to group your projects by customers and simplify navigation through them. Each project can have the only customer.

New projects with users and a customer

Creation of a new project is a little different when you have already added some customers and users to your company. In this case, you can specify them at once while creating a new project. Just choose a customer from the drop-down list and click on the users' avatars to give them access to the project. Hover the avatar to see the user's nickname if you need. You will be able to add/change all this data on the project page later.

Switching between management and development modes

When you've created all necessary projects, added users, and given them access to the projects, you can start working on projects: create tasks, track time, discuss work, etc. Both developers and managers can do this in the development mode (on the projects' pages). Remember, that in Riter, managers are considered developers with some additional rights.

To switch to the development mode, you should leave the "Admin panel" by clicking on the necessary project name in the drop-down list "Select project" in the main menu. If you have the only project, there will be just a single project name instead of the list. Click on it and you will be taken to the main project page. Now, find out how to start using Riter in the development mode. You can return to the "Admin panel" via your drop-down profile menu. Click on your avatar in the main menu and choose the "Manage company" item.