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Cursed Custom Selects


When a design requires something special from inputs, layout designers crouch in the twine and do pretty crazy things, like an image inside the input, but still leave the tag <input> on the page. However, if suddenly it comes to styles of a drop-down list, the tag <select> along with a set of <option> tags go to the dump, and then <div> and javascript appear to take their place. Well, you are not allowed to customize selects in browsers even with the latest html/css, and that's very sad!

Young Companies and How to Support Their Potential


Everyone aim to be better, but we forget that big things have small beginnings.

Small companies and startups, often focused on their own ideas and achievements, don’t have any desire to study extra programs and tools. However, everyone is looking for the best option to develop projects and ways to increase productivity. As a rule, it is in the founder's interests to provide a joint work on a common idea, put everything in its place, and prevent spending time on "pseudo" work. This can be achieved with so-called issue trackers. Might say, that there are a lot of them right now, for any taste. You could find trackers with a huge amount of functions, as well as much simpler products with only several ones if you don’t want to waste your time learning how all of them work, or simply if you don’t need them.

Riter Release v0.14.9


Hi, guys! Meet the first autumn update from the Riter team. This time we have focused on improving your user experience and making a barrier to entry even lower. If you haven't yet tried Riter, it is a good time to sign up your own company so as the registration process has been simplified a lot. We have also added some important features both for project management and software developers, fixed several bugs and enhanced interaction with our users.

The Main Way to Optimize Your Work


Plan before you speak.

Every day we are in a hurry, every day our minds are filled with hundreds of thoughts. However, we don’t always pay attention to how powerful is what we think and speak about. A well-known fact is that your effectiveness increases significantly if you have already thought about those or other things. Indeed, everything begins with structuring in your head... Have you ever noticed that the result depends on how you have thought through your next actions, and how much time you have spent on analyzing and designing your further development? Brian Tracy said, "Remember that every minute spent on planning will save a few minutes of your work." Planning is actually a guarantee of the success of a modern person. A very important thing is to set the long-term and short-term goals.

8 Tips on How to Make a Developer's Life Better


When working in a team, you usually don't need to explain why everyone should adhere to one style of coding, down to the decisions whether to put an extra space before the brackets and use double or single quotes. Everything is obvious and clear. But once you need to continue a project after another developer or even a whole team, that is where a nightmare begins.

What Makes You a Good Developer


Recently I was asked to write a letter of recommendation to a software developer in which there was a simple question that made me think hard. It was about the strongest quality of the candidate. Like, "name his best quality, and only one". Such a trivial question formulated a problem of the most important criterion of a developer.


Estimating Time Accurately in Software Development


An ability to accurately estimate the time required to complete a task is a crucial trait of every software developer. As a rule, this skill is honed over time by trial and error. However, such mistakes may be costly both for the software development company and the product's owner. As a result, more than 66% of all projects in the industry have cost and effort overruns. Still, there is a way out. Having spent a little time and effort from the very beginning, we could avoid conflicts with customers and save funds in the future.

Which Way's Up: Tech Trends To Keep An Eye On


Whether you are a newbie programmer looking for a promising area to apply his skills, or a veteran of programming who got fed up coding in Algol and Fortran, you're probably interested in the latest trends and prospects in IT. As a part of the world where technologies are constantly changing, you need to keep up with it, and know where to move on. Once you just tie yourself to a particular technology or language - and tomorrow you will be left behind, since overnight demands to candidates have been changed. If in the previous article we were talking about <a href="">wrong ways</a> to software development, today let's discuss perspective directions instead. The following tech fields are in demand at the moment and deserve your attention.

Diving Into Programming: Things to Avoid


Today, advances in technology are changing the labour market, and programming is becoming an ever more attractive career option. Maybe one in two our familiar scholar at least once thought about switching his or her speciality to technical fields and computer science in particular. And advertising around them is only adding fuel to the fire, calling upon everybody to dive into IT. Attracted by promises of high incomes and low barriers to entry, people choose this path regardless of their initial education, abilities and interests. As a result, there are a lot of good and not very good advice on how to become a programmer, what to begin with, what a true programmer must know and so on. We decided to go another way and say what the novice developer should NOT do. In particular, let's talk about popular today paid courses, advertising of which can be met at every turn.

What Type of a Project Manager Are You?


The confrontation between managers and the rest of the team is a widespread phenomenon. It always has been, and hardly ever the situation will be changed in the nearest future. However, the problem is not that developers are all highly organized and autonomous enough to work without additional control. They usually are not. Moreover, right management does wonders even in a weak team. So, what’s the problem then? Why do so many managers not enjoy the favor of employees and show poor results when they have the best conditions to flourish?

Project Managers

Riter Release v0.14


Hi, guys! Better late than never: after two months of fruitful work, we are ready to present you a new version of Riter. Learn about new ways of working with project groups, extended functionalities of topics aliases, changes in GraphQL API, and noticeable bugfixes.

Capsule Networks Beyond Image Recognition


Taking into account the novelty of capsule networks, it is not surprising that some researches still are questioning their value and ability to surpass more traditional approaches to image recognition. Despite the initial successes in this field, there is a lot of work ahead. Not to say about their application in areas other than computer vision. However, while skeptics are doubting, someone else is testing this in practice and is looking for new ways of development. Following in the footsteps of their predecessors, ConvNet, capsule networks may prove useful in two other fields: computer games and natural language processing (NLP).


Artificial Intelligence in Today's Project Management


We used to talk a lot about the future of project management and a place of artificial intelligence in the field. However, the fact is that the future is already here, and AI is a significant aspect of today's project management process. Technologies are advancing by leaps, and their impact on this area can not go unnoticed.

Artificial intelligence in project management

5 Secrets of Successful Teamwork


Teamwork is a separate kind of art. You hire the best talent, provide them with everything they ask, learn all existing models of team effectiveness to follow them in your company, but the work process is at a standstill anyway. Something is missing. There is no guarantee of success, as just knowledge of performance criteria alone doesn't do the trick and says nothing about the ways to achieve them. It is possible to get good results through live practices that can improve the effectiveness of teamwork and prevent frequent mistakes.

Successful Teamwork

Startups: 3 Ways of Development


"Nothing works better than just improving your product" Joel Spolsky once said. And this rule works for most good projects. Everybody has to start somewhere. Just staying patient and making your product a little better every day gives you a good chance of success. However, not every idea deserves the right to exist and develop. And even with a promising concept, without clear understanding the direction of further development, market needs, the growth rate, having a good team and many other factors, the project is doomed to failure. According to the recent research, about 90% of new startups fail. At what point should we understand that something is going wrong?

Startups growth

Models of Team Effectiveness


A team is the key to the success of a company. Ideas, client base, experience, capital, connections - all this comes or leaves with time, so experienced investors are betting on the team firstly. Successful teams grow and develop in spite of changing market conditions, while ineffective collaboration can destroy any endeavor. But what makes a team successful? Scientists and psychologists have been looking for an answer to this question for many years, and now there are different models and approaches to determining teamwork effectiveness criteria.

Teamwork Effectiveness

Laws Of Productivity: Work Better, Not More


Each company is interested in increasing profits, but not everyone can effectively use the available resources for this purpose. Often, in order to do more work and get better results, management prefers to allocate more time and employees, instead of increasing productivity of available ones. However, this approach is knowingly false for a number of reasons.

Time management issues

Choosing Project Management Tools: Who Has the Decisive Voice?


Among all the variety of project management and collaboration tools it can be difficult to choose one that will equally satisfy all team members. And, as a rule, nobody does it. Managers select some software without long disputes and discussions with developers – and all employees begin to use it with more or less productivity. Of course, they are guided by reasonable criteria, take into account the requirements of the workspace, projects, available budget, experience and recommendations of their colleagues and many other factors. But is this enough for the successful work of the whole team? What if we give our IT-specialists more freedom in choosing project management and collaboration tools? What advantages can we get and what problems can arise?

Collaboration tools

5 Reasons to Let Your Team Work Remotely


If several years ago remote work was a pipe dream for most employees, today more and more companies are leaning towards this approach. Development of technologies, companies growth, high level of competition and other market conditions not only provide us with more opportunities, but also dictate new requirements for company management. According to the last researches, remote teamwork is one of the most popular project management trends in 2018. And for that there are a number of reasons.

Remote work

Future of Project Management: Riter Development Strategy


Everybody knows that people are naturally lazy, and programmers are doubly lazy. Taking into account the continuous development of technologies and improving the living standards, the situation is unlikely to change in the nearest future. And this's for the best. Lazy people are always looking for the easiest way to solve a problem, and no project manager or methodology will change their way of thinking.

Future technologies

Top 5 Project Management Trends in 2018


New advances in technologies somehow affect all areas of human activity, and project management does not stand aside. In recent years, the role of managers has changed significantly due to the automation of part of their duties and changing the very process of development and teamwork. What is the future of project management and what should today's project managers expect and prepare for if they want to take full advantage of all the new achievements?

Tech trends

Collaborative Task Management Means Fewer Meetings


How much time per week do you usually spend on meetings? According to The Muse, they can take about 35 – 50% of manager's working hours. This would not be so offensive, if not the fact that most of them are ineffective and useless. And it doesn't matter whether it is a live conversation, a phone or video call, in any case, you're wasting your own time and reducing your team's performance, distracting them from their direct responsibilities. If earlier we have discussed how to stop wasting time in general, today we will focus on existing ways to avoid extra meetings.

Collaborative Task Management

Riter v0.13.5 is already available


Hello, guys! We have prepared a bunch of the latest Riter updates with a detailed description so that they don't surprise you and cause no questions. For example, the process of creating a new project is now much more convenient and solves some previous difficulties of company owners. You should also know about changes in GraphQl API and extended account settings which are described below. In addition, we have updated our cookie policy and fixed some annoying bugs.

Software update

Managing a remote team with high performance


According to the latest researches, in the next few years the process of project management in companies will change a lot. The main trends will be a wider use of analytics and Agile principles, a great impact of artificial intelligence, large-scale integration of various fields of activities and, of course, an increased number of remote teams. Today more and more people are working remotely, while the need for a structured way of task management and strict compliance with deadlines still remain in force. So, new approaches require certain changes in the whole company management and some rules which you should follow when organizing your teamwork not to become a victim of a failed experiment and common troubles related to remote working.

Remote Team Management

Why It's Necessary for Today's Business to Use Chatbots


Due to successful chatbot experience of last years, small business owners are now using AI technologies to improve their daily operations, interact with customers and increase income. Integration and union of apps from different areas with the help of bots allow companies to introduce their software to a new level. Prosperous experience of Slack, Telegram, Messenger, etc. shows us that AI-based bots will remain in demand even further. Nevertheless, not everything is so smooth, and certain aspects of their use still slow introduction of chatbots into today's business.


AI technologies which could enhance Riter chatbots intelligence


Chatbots are not a new phenomenon at all, but in the last year they have attracted especially a lot of attention. According to Business Insider research, by 2020 80% of companies will use chatbots for different needs and this is not surprising. Chatbots are being used in many different ways to automate a significant part of our daily routine, help businesses to reach customers, save money, integrate apps with existing solutions and so on. However, we share the opinion that we have the attention span of a gnat. The fact is that the potential of chatbots is huge, but we continue to use their capabilities in a minimal way. If we direct all the power of AI, which we have already achieved and successfully use in other spheres, to chatbots, the level of business profitability will grow before our eyes.

Riter chatbot integration

Riter release 0.13.1


Over the past few weeks, Riter has seen a number of important updates. A significant part of the changes affected a company management panel, however, developers' capabilities were not ignored as well. In this release note you will know more about short project names and what they can be used for, new ability to restore deleted tasks, updates in GraphQl API, an additional statistics page and much more.

Riter admin panel

Agile Project Management with Riter


Every day we are faced with the results of rapid technological evolution and continuous innovations, and software development and project management are not an exception. Customer and market requirements are constantly changing so IT companies need to keep an eye out and respond quickly to any of them to stay successful. Under such circumstances, no wonder that Agile principles attract more attention and are firmly established in the software industry (and not only there). There is an increasing number of teams working on Scrum, Kanban or some hybrid methodology and, as a result, they begin looking for new project management tools suitable for their workflow. How much does Riter, designed as an Agile project management software, meet their expectations? In this article we will show how main Agile artifacts can be mapped on the existing Riter functionality.

7 Tips To Be More Productive With Riter


A self-learning artificial intelligence, an extensive third party integration with a system of bots and a rest of "coming soon" features are not the only way to increase your team productivity with Riter - you can already become more efficient with existing functionality. We have prepared some application tricks which you might have missed if you are new to our project management tool. You should find out more about them to greatly simplify your daily duties regardless of whether you are a manager, a developer or another involved party.


Writing Detective Stories As the Anti-Pattern


A good software developer, in addition to studying correct approaches to the design and implementation of a program product, should also spend some time on the most common anti-patterns just to be sure that he avoids them in his practice. Making up intricate stories, although it is an important property of the modern cinema and literature, is not the skill which a developer should be encouraged for.


Riter release 0.12.3


Hi, guys! The last two months did not pass in vain - Riter v0.12.3 is now available with a lot of vital updates and bug fixes. Hurry to visit the demo company to see them on your own: extended statistics on the user and project pages, the updated demo company, advanced management capabilities along with the improved layout all over the application. As you will soon discover, a huge amount of work has been done to make your usage of the software more convenient. And here's a complete list of changes just in case you do not notice them right away.

Project management tool

5 Tips To Stop Wasting Time At Work


How much time do you usually spend at work? And how many hours are you really working on tasks? Considering numerous meetings and the solution of technical issues, not to mention the discussion of quite extraneous topics and watercooler talks, the 8-hour working day is sharply reduced to 4-5 hours of productive work. And this is according to the most optimistic estimates! How could project managers prevent this waste of time? In fact, there are a few simple rules, compliance with which could significantly reduce your number of broken deadlines and failed projects.

Wasting time

What language do you think in?


Somewhere, say, in New Zealand, some indigenous tribes can have a language that is completely different from ours. Their terminology may have no equivalents in our speech, and the very perception of the world will seem strange to us. In this case, the principle of constructing sentences and the formulation of thoughts can be fundamentally inconsistent with what we are used to. For example, such a tribe may have no concept of "left" and "right", so aborigines are oriented in space exclusively on the sides of the world. If they have a concept of "south" or "east", their navigators will explain not the relative position of a turn, but the absolute one. It could say, for example: "After a hundred meters, keep to the south" or something like that.

Different cultures

Configuration and Management of Applications


Hi, guys! We hope that we managed to interest you with the theme of Ansible, and you had already time to get acquainted with it a little if you had previously used other tools. This time we would like to tell about our experience of work with Ansible. As you know, we have several applications and actively use it to automate the configuration of the infrastructure. To this end, we have developed a number of Ansible roles which you are welcome to explore and use if you wish.

Standardization vs Professionalism in Recruitment


Hi, guys! Continuing the topic of recruiting employees, we would like to talk about the professional skills of candidates and the requirements put forward to new specialists. How technically savvy should a newcomer be? Should you hire an experienced developer who will be head and shoulders above the rest of the team participants? Or is it enough for an employee to correspond to some average bar? What choice do you make in your company? In order to better understand the essence of the problem, it may be useful to move away from it for a moment to another area, where similar solutions have long been found.


Successful Employee Recruitment


In search of good ways to hire the most appropriate employees and eliminate obviously improper ones, you will surely come across lots of tips on this subject. Building a good team is a priority for every company, but all of them cope with this task in different ways and with mixed success. Somebody bets on expanding the search area, another one prefers a more targeted choosing of candidates, some companies spend years of continuous work for creating a talent pool and keeping contacts with prospective candidates. But how and what kind of potential employees you would not attract to your office, there comes a time when you need to make a choice for or against them. And at this moment it is important which selection criteria are decisive.

Recruiting candidates

About Managers' Motivation and Collective Strategy


Hi, guys! In response to our requests, we continue to receive and share with you various opinions about the organization of project management processes by other companies. You can agree or disagree with these approaches, but, in any case, you are able to learn something useful for your team. For those who missed or forgot the last discussion, we remind you that it is about how to make developers and managers follow all the endless requirements of a supported methodology without sacrificing performance. Let us introduce you another solution to the problem from our readers.