Hi, guys! While our developers are working on the new version of Riter, we would like to talk a little about project management as a whole and some issues you can face while planning your team work on tasks in particular. We believe that our experience will prove useful and help you to lead your company with Riter in the best way and avoid common mistakes. This time we are going to focus on the problem of choosing instruments and methodologies for your project needs, some existing prejudices about flexible development methodologies and task estimation process.

Hi, guys! A two-week waiting for the new update was not in vain. This Riter version is aimed at improving stories management. As you know, this element allows you to distribute tasks within a project, organize team work and track its current state. Recently some useful features were added to a story page to increase your opportunities. Read about the last changes in Riter - do not miss the chance to make its usage more productive!

Adding topics to stories

Now you are able to create topics and assign them to stories. What's a topic, you ask? Each project should get a specific set of related keywords which simplify identification and filtering within its stories. Topics allow you to understand the essence, purpose of the tasks. They can be used by developers to group stories of a particular project by some criteria (for example, "feature", "bug", "frontend" and so on). A group of all project stories will be displayed on the right of every story page (below the users section) in an assigned or unassigned state.

Topics area

Hello! Today we are excited to announce our new version of the Riter app. We hope that you had time to evaluate and enjoy the previous updates and actively use them in your projects. Do not forget to send us your ideas and suggestions if you are missing something during your work with the tracker. At the requests of our users we have added some features and fixes to it.

Use filters for quick searching

As you remember, the previous Riter version allowed you to use some simple filters for searching stories by users, states and so on. Riter also began to support several filtering aliases to simplify your work. Adding a special symbol or a keyword to the request string specified a criteria of search. Now we have added one more filter which works in the same way. It makes it possible to search stories by topics. Add a symbol # before your query to look for stories with such a topic. You can also list some topics separated with a space in a string. If a required value is not found among topics, it will be searched as just a title. Nevertheless, you needn't enter the entire topic name - specify a part of it and Riter will autocomplete it if possible.

Search by topics

Hi, guys! Continuing the theme of the workflow organization, we would like to pay special attention to communication within teams. As you know, Riter provides our users some tools for their interaction during joint work on the tasks. In particular, you can discuss tasks using comments, attach necessary data there, mark unclear requirements, find out what other team members are working on, assign tasks to them, and so on. Nevertheless, Riter is not a complete substitute for existing means of communication, such as email or messengers, which are widely used by development teams. Both using emails and instant messaging serves the common purpose, although in different ways. The success of your work depends on which of them you will use in a particular situation.

Meet the improved version of Riter with additional pleasant features! Every day our product is becoming more functional and convenient. At Riter, we appreciate the diversity of our customers, so we try to develop in different directions to meet needs of both project managers, developers and other possible users. Know more about recent updates in tracking statistics and stories manipulation in the post.

Todos progress in a story card

First of all, you could notice that we have finalized a previous Riter feature - to-do list. If earlier you were able to see it only on a story page, now it will also be displayed on the main project page inside a story card. In its right upper corner you will find a total number of todos, as well as the number of completed list items.

To-Do List

Hi, guys! The new version of Riter is going to please you with some useful features and fixes. We have expanded the functionality of story editor and improved the filtering process. You will find a full list of changes below.

Story management

Working on a large or complex task, it is often convenient to break it into separate subtasks and track the progress of each of them independently. This will give a better picture of what the developers are busy with and what else should be done. To help you to avoid creating dozens of tasks for this, we added checkboxes to a story editor. Now you are able to create to-do lists within a task description and check their items as you complete a particular job.


Welcome to Riter v0.0.2! We are pleased to present you a new version of our tracker system with advanced functionality an improved interface. Already now this is a convenient and flexible tool for tracking development process, project and team management, and every week its capabilities only increase. Over the past two weeks Riter has changed a lot - learn more about its new features in the post below to make full use of them. They will be interesting primarily to managers and team leaders who are going to organize the development process.

Manage customers

The new Riter version allows you to create a customer - one of the main entities, without which the development of the project would not even begin. This is a project initiator, a person who is responsible for its launching and financing. Now you are able to keep information about all the customers you have worked with in Riter. On the corresponding page you will find all your customers, lists of projects they are involved in and their total statistics.


We are pleased to present you the Riter Blog - a great opportunity to make our product better! Here we are going to share with you the latest news, updates and other useful information about project management as a whole.

Riter is a young but actively developing program product which is improving every day. You will be able to find out all about new features and optimizations in the blog. Each post will include a complete description of a new version. Stay tuned for updates with our blog to take advantage of all the product functionality in your projects! Illustrated examples of new features will help you to start using them immediately.