Riter v0.2.0 is already here!

Meet the improved version of Riter with additional pleasant features! Every day our product is becoming more functional and convenient. At Riter, we appreciate the diversity of our customers, so we try to develop in different directions to meet needs of both project managers, developers and other possible users. Know more about recent updates in tracking statistics and stories manipulation in the post.

Todos progress in a story card

First of all, you could notice that we have finalized a previous Riter feature - to-do list. If earlier you were able to see it only on a story page, now it will also be displayed on the main project page inside a story card. In its right upper corner you will find a total number of todos, as well as the number of completed list items.

To-Do List

Filtering becomes easier

As you know, you can use some types of filters to navigate within a project to find stories quickly. However, sometimes this may not be enough when you have a huge number of tasks and users working on the project. In this case, you need to remember a lot of information and waste time repeating the same requests while working. We decided to add some simple filtering aliases to simplify your life. Now you are able to use some specified keywords instead of a group of filters that are often used together. Here they are:

  • actual - this filter allows to find all uncompleted and unapproved tasks for the current project. As you understand, this query can be used instead of its longer analog: !draft !estimated !in_process.

  • todo - this short alias replaces such filter as @user !estimated !in_process where user is your nickname. Thus, you can use it to get a list of tasks you should estimate or work on.

  • toestimate - use this filter to find all tasks you need to estimate. It will be all draft stories assigned to you. As you can guess, Riter considers this request as @user !draft

Note, that you are able to use other filters along with these values. Moreover, with the following aliases it does not matter if you forget an exact name of some filter - Riter will understand your intentions:

  • "active", "inprocess", "inprogress", "in_progress" - these values are easy to confuse so since now they mean the same for Riter. You can use any of them you like most for searching uncompleted and unapproved stories for the project.

  • "my", "mine" - these keywords can be used to find all stories assigned to you regardless their state.

Statistics updates

Statistics is a useful tool for tracking your team progress so it should not include unnecessary data. That's why we removed information about disabled users from project statistics page. Of course, a user can be disabled during a week and some timeintervals with his participation can exist. In this case, this user statistics must be displayed anyway.

And finally, a few more improvements

As you have asked, we modified a story creation so that Riter added a story author nickname to its timestamps automatically. Now you are able to find out who and when created a task on its page.

We have also optimized Riter work to make it faster. The number of archived stories is growing extremely fast, so after a few sprints you will need enough time and patience to load and find something there. We resolved the problem by adding cache for these stories. You can check progress right now on the corresponding page - the response time was reduced to about 100 ms!

Finally, we fixed a dropdown list of projects which should include only enabled ones which you have access to. Disable projects won't appear in the list anymore.

Riter development team