Riter.co — project management tool

Chat as a paradigm of project management

Everything solves in chat, we just need to manage it.

How can you make your team more effective

Leave bureaucracy out of your workflow

An issue starts in a chat, then all questions clarified in a chat. Job is approving in a chat. What exactly project management tool should do?

Project Management in chat rooms.

With a high level of transparency and maximum independence of your development team, minimum additional efforts are required to manage projects.

All your favorite tools can be a chat bot

With a chat-oriented task management process, Riter integrates capabilities of Slack and Jira into a single workspace to keep all project data together.

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Compose your own workflow

Rich customization abilities allow to adjust Riter for any specific workflow and ensure a smooth transition to the new system. No need to give up your old habits and preferences.

Big team management can be in a chat

Multi-level hierarchy of tasks and projects

Combine projects into groups for simultaneous work on them. Split tasks into subtasks to let your team keep track of your progress.

Flat sprints separated by milestones

Flexible creation and management of sprints by adding milestones achieved in the development process. Powerful filter by tasks and milestones.

Time management based on clean and dirty hours

An embedded time tracking system supports both billable and “clean” hours spent directly on coding to fit different business processes. Hours-based estimates rather than story points.

Explore Riter

Riter is focused on work at a higher level of organization. Do not work with each project separately, manage them altogether.

Simple plans that scale with your company growth

For Startups

  • Unlimited projects
  • Up 10 users
  • Separate subdomain
  • Customizable workflows
  • Full GraphQL API
  • Up to 10 project plugins
  • Up to 2Gb file storage

Free forever

No credit card required

White label

  • Everything from basic plan
  • Custom domain
  • Advanced permissions
  • Up to 50 project plugins
  • Up to 200Gb file storage

$5 per user

for any count of users


  • Everything from white label plan
  • Dedicated server
  • Custom OAuth 2.0 integration
  • LDAP / Active directory integration
  • SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On
  • Two-factor authentication