Project management and tracking tool - Riter — project management tool

Maximum efficiency of your development team

Joint remote work becomes more affordable due to high level of transparency and independence.

How can you make your team more effective?

Projects organized into groups, task scopes, and filtering

Combine projects into groups for simultaneous work on them. Advanced filtering and full text search to display only relevant tasks.

Flat sprints

Stories from different sprints and projects can be shown on a single dashboard, tracked and managed together.

Chat based stories

Each task is organized as a channel, so it's the best place for a group discussion. But it also has a state, assignees, tags, and other task attributes.

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Paid hours apart from estimations

An embed time tracking system allows to create invoices without extra tools. Billable hours may be used separately from time spent directly on coding to fit different business processes.

Compose your own workflow

Organize work of any complexity and be sure in its success due to versatile and flexible Riter tools. Use a single solution for all the needs of your team.

Easy to use
Keep it simple

Riter is configured in an optimal way to start using it right after registration. But you can still customize and extend it for any extra needs.

Explore Riter

Riter is focused on work with a higher level of organization. Do not work with each project separately, manage them altogether.

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Extensive third party integration

The capabilities of Riter can be extended as far as desired thanks to thanks to full-featured GraphQL API and webhooks support.

Simple plans.


  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited users
  • Separate subdomain
  • Full GraphQL API
  • Up to 10 free connected plugins

Free forever

No credit card required

White label

  • Everything from basic plan
  • Custom domain
  • Custom design
  • Unlimited connected plugins
  • Full time support

$10 per plugin

for all further plugins

All companies can use Riter for free during beta period


  • Everything from white label plan
  • Dedicated server
  • Custom OAuth 2.0 integration
  • LDAP / Active directory integration
  • SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On
  • Two-factor authentication