AI on guard of project management.

Predictable sprints

Calculated possibility to get sprint successfully done based on previous sprints and developers estimation accuracy.

Multiple projects management

Riter is focused on multiple projects management where managers are able to reassign developers between several projects.

Smart time estimation

AI calculates inaccuracy of provided estimation to include it in sprint planning

Designed To Be Smart

Intelligent sprint planning

Analyzing developers habitual schedule, previous experience and accuracy in tasks estimation, Riter compares the load for a sprint with the team expected productivity to predict probable failures and warn you about them.

Prognosticated fallibility

The calculated coefficients of precision and performance of each team member allow to form a complete view of the task and reduce an error of estimates.

Trainable effectivity system

The more you use it, the better it understands your team needs and changes its behavior in accordance with them. All developers habits and projects characteristics are tracked and used to increase Riter's AI effectivity while tasks planning and estimating.

One tool, many behaviours

Make your management tool adjust to your workflow and not vice versa.

Riter is equally suitable for all types of companies, regardless of their team size, development methodologies and projects scales. Gather teams, manage projects on different stages of development, follow existing methodologies or your own standards, plan tasks in various ways without restrictions on the part of the tools used.

Detailed statistic

Look through general company and particular projects statistics, find out your team gross worked hours and users activity during a specific sprint or a weekday, check how much time were spent for some task, project, a group of tasks or projects and many others with Riter.

Statistics contains information about all aspects of the current workflow. Riter thoroughly tracks and fixes all developers actions in system so that the actual project state is always accessible and transparent to all team members and your can respond to their successes and failures in time.

Forget about all the difficulties of remote teams and projects management

With Riter you can organize the work of any complexity and be sure in its success. Convenient conversation with other team members, data exchange, manipulation of any scales and groups of objects, functional tracking system, quick tasks creation and distribution among sprints and developers.

With its help you will get everything that may ever be needed in the work and even more.

Subprojects, subtasks, topics, annotations

Riter supports work with various data scopes allowing you to scale and customize the tool for all kinds of tasks. Make your stories management acceptable for you specifying a required set of tasks which can be modified at any time, using default story states or creating your own types, adding related topics for each project to simplify the interaction and orientation among tasks. With Riter you are able to manipulate subprojects or combine some into groups for simultaneous work with them.

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Detailed company management

Riter is more than just a project management tool - it is focused on work with wider concepts and higher level of organization. You should not work with each project separately, customizing the development tools every time - combine all your relations and workflows in one place. Sign up and manage your own company with Riter to take full advantage of its usage and ensure that all the necessary data is always at hand.

Extensive third party integration

Coming soon!

The capabilities of Riter can be extended as far as desired thanks to its integration with all available services through full-featured GraphQL API and webhooks support. The build-in system of bots allows you to realize everything that you just can imagine to organize your development process in the best way regardless of the complexity of projects and environment restrictions.

Simple plans with special offer for beta users


Unlimited projects
Unlimited users
Full API
Up to 10 free connected bots
Free forever
First 10 bots are free and then
$10 per bot
for all further bots

White label

Everything from basic plan
Custom domain
Custom design
Unlimited connected bots
$100 per month
forever for beta companies
When we release all companies who stay with us during beta will have special fixed price
Price after release
$500 per month
For all companies who will join Riter after release


Everything from white label plan
Dedicated server
Custom OAuth 2.0 integration
LDAP / Active directory integration
SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On
Two-factor authentication
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