What's new in Riter v0.1.1

Hi, guys! The new version of Riter is going to please you with some useful features and fixes. We have expanded the functionality of story editor and improved the filtering process. You will find a full list of changes below.

Story management

Working on a large or complex task, it is often convenient to break it into separate subtasks and track the progress of each of them independently. This will give a better picture of what the developers are busy with and what else should be done. To help you to avoid creating dozens of tasks for this, we added checkboxes to a story editor. Now you are able to create to-do lists within a task description and check their items as you complete a particular job.


To add a todo item while creating or editing a story, select an appropriate element "Checkboxes List" in a toolbar or use a markdown syntax to input a checkbox yourself. By the way, now you are able to submit an editing story form by Ctrl(Cmd)+Enter command.

Another useful element added to a story page is an attention mark. It allows you to specify that a particular story is unclear and requires attention of other team members. On a main project page it looks like a question mark displayed in a right upper corner of the corresponding story card. Each story page contains a specific checkbox for this mark on the right (above the task estimation section).

Unclear mark

Don't forget to use this option if necessary while working on tasks in a team. Timely clarification of contentious issues can significantly speed up further project development.


Filtering becomes faster in the updated Riter. As a rule, developers and managers use the same filters for several times during their work. In the new version of tracker we took this into account and made Riter to remember the last used filter. It will be saved in the session so you don't have to waste a lot of time on searching for required stories any more.

Fixes and optimizations

We have also fixed the following issues:

  • Updating timeintervals is possible now.
  • Story cache is refreshed when a user was assigned or unassigned to it.
  • Some filtering options were fixed.
  • Adding an ability to cancel a story creating (removing a task if it is not persisted yet).

Riter development team