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How to create and use topics

A topic (a tag or a keyword) is a word or a word combination which helps to describe tasks and simplifies search and filtering among them. You can add new topics, attach them to tasks, archive unnecessary topics, and merge several similar topics (describe topics aliases) into one (for example, to avoid ambiguity and tautology during joint work on tasks).

How to create new topics and attach them to tasks

You can create new topics and attach/detach them from stories on a story page. To this end, click on topic titles in the "Topics" list on the right. To create a new topic, set the cursor at the end of the list and input a required value. A new topic will be created and attached to the task by default. It becomes available in all stories of the current project.

Note: if you type a topic which already exists, it won't be included twice but attached to the story (if it is not attached yet).

How to archive (hide) unnecessary topics

All your topics can be active or archived. Active topics are listed on story pages, archived topics aren't. However, you can see archived topics in a drop-down list of hints while inputting a new topic name in the topics section. If some archived topic gets attached to a task, it becomes active again. You can also use the "Settings" page (the "Topics" tab) to change a topic state to "archived" or "active". All new topics are active by default.

Note: if you archive a topic which is attached to some storiesthem, it will remain attached to it but not available for attachment to any other stories.

How to merge several similar topics

Sometimes several topics with a similar sense may be created by different teammates. In this case, you can list and save related topics (synonyms, topic aliases) to replace them with a main single value everywhere in the project. As a result, if somebody tries to add such topic aliases to a story, they will be substituted with the main value. Topics aliases can be described on the project "Settings" page, in the "Topics" tab. If you merge several existing topics with different states, Riter sets all the values to active.

How to search tasks by topics and topic aliases

You can search and filter tasks on the main project page by different parameters, in particular by topics and aliases of topics. To perform a search only by topics (or any alias), add # at the beginning of the query. You can combine several different filters if you need: just list them with a space. If the search criteria belong the same type (for example, filtering only by several topics), stories will be shown if they have at least one match. If the search request includes different types of filters (story states, assigned users, etc.), the application will search for stories which match all the criteria.