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Search and filtering

The search bar will help you to find necessary stories by their states, titles, participants and topics. It is designed to simplify and predict users intentions while searching and filtering tasks. Riter understands a lot of keywords and aliases for commonly used filters. The whole list of available filters is given below.

Available filters

You can use the following filters to quickly find necessary stories by their titles, developers, topics, states, etc. Also, you will see several useful search hints in the drop-down list under the search bar.

  • To filter tasks by assigned users, you can input the first or a last name, a nickname or a part of something from them. If you add @ before your filter string, the application will search only by users.
  • If you add * before your filter string with a user nickname, the application will find only stories to which the specified user is subscribed.
  • To perform a search only by story topics, add # at the beginning of the query.
  • For filtering by story states, add ! at the beginning of the string.
  • If you need ignore users names, stories topics and states, start your query string with double quotes " and you'll search by story titles only.

To search by several criteria, just list them with a space. If the search criteria belong the same type (a state, a topic, a name or a title), stories will be shown if they include at least one match. Otherwise, the application will search for stories which match all the criteria. As the result of searching you will get a list of project stories that corresponds your request. The page structure will remain the same. To return to the whole stories list you need to clear the search bar.

Search hints

Filters' aliases

You are also able to use some specified keywords instead of a group of filters that are often used together. Here they are:

actual - this filter allows to find all uncompleted and unapproved tasks for the current project. As you understand, this query can be used instead of its longer analog: !draft !estimated !in_process.

todo - this short alias replaces such filter as @user !estimated !in_process where user is your nickname. Thus, you can use it to get a list of tasks you should estimate or work on.

toestimate - use this filter to find all tasks you need to estimate. It will be all draft stories assigned to you. As you can guess, Riter considers this request as @user !draft

Note, that you are able to use other filters along with these values. Moreover, with the following aliases it does not matter if you forget an exact name of some filter - Riter will understand your intentions:

  • active, inprocess, inprogress, in_progress - these values are easy to confuse so since now they mean the same for Riter. You can use any of them you like most for searching uncompleted and unapproved stories for the project.
  • my, mine - these keywords can be used to find all stories assigned to you regardless their state.