Documentation of — project management tool


Riter provides a simple but full-featured API based on GraphQL standard for managing your application data. Here you will find a complete description of available operations and requirements you should comply with to use them.

Authentication with GraphQL

Riter's GraphQL API suggests the token-based authentication so you need to add your token to a request header in this way: -H "api-token: used-token".

The API endpoint

GraphQL API has a single endpoint which remains constant for all operations: http://company-domain-name/current-project-name/graphql. Riter's API supports two types of operations: queries and mutations. Use queries to get the required data and mutations to change them. The field name determines which modification (create, update or destroy) is executed.

To query GraphQL you should use POST HTTP method. Content-Type must be "application/json". You will receive all responses in JSON format. The following example makes a POST request with a JSON payload to Riter using cURL. As a result, it gets a title of a story with the specified slug:

curl -H "Content-type: application/json" -X POST -d '{"query": "{ story(slug: \"api-and-graphql\") { title } }"}' -H "api-token: token" ""