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How to create a new story

A story is a separate task in a project, describing some part of it. On the main project page you can see a list of all (not archived) stories grouped by sprints. You can create stories in several ways and update their parameters while working on them.

How to create a story in a particular sprint

While creating a new story, you can schedule it at once on a particular sprint. To this end, use an element "Quickly create new story" in the necessary sprint section. After that, you will be taken to a new story page. The only required field to set is a story title, however, you can also specify other story parameters if you wish.

How to create a story without reference to a particular sprint

Use the "New story" button in the submenu to create a new story and place it into the "Unscheduled" sprint section at once. Also, you can use the "Quickly create new story" element in the "Unscheduled" section for the same purpose. After that, specify the story title (required) and other story parameters (optional).

Filling out the story parameters

While creating a story (and anytime later), you can write its description, set its state, indicate that a story is unclear and requires attention, estimate clean time required to finish the story, assign users to the story, add topics (tags). Most of these fields will be also displayed on the main project page inside the story card. Story states can be changed only sequentially in a certain order. You can also create todo lists inside a story.