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How to set up notifications to stories

You can subscribe to stories and track their updates.

How to subscribe to a story

On a story page, click on the button in the “Notifications” section to subscribe to the story and find out about all updates in it. In the same way, you can unsubscribe from it. You also become subscribed to a story automatically when you create a story, change its state, create a time interval in a story, when you are assigned to a story, and when somebody creates a time interval with your participation in it. You're automatically unsubscribed when you are unassigned from a story.

Which updates you get when you're subscribed to a story

When you are subscribed to a story, you can quickly find out about all updates in it. These updates include everything that is shown in the story annotation section, that is, all changes in the story parameters and all comments to the story.

Tracking for updates in stories

If you are subscribed to a story which was updated, you can quickly know about these updates in two ways:

  1. The "Story was updated" mark on the story card on the main page of the project
  1. Push notifications

To get push notifications, you have to manually enable them in your browser settings. Also, make sure that notification banners are enabled for your browser app in general in the system settings of your device. You receive notifications if a tab with a certain project is open and if the story in which something was updated is not open.