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How to start using Riter as a developer

Registration at Riter

If you're going to join Riter as a developer (without manager's rights), you won't be able to create your account at Riter yourself. Somebody with the access to the "Admin panel" has to do this for you. When a manager (or an administrator) creates your account, you will get an invitation to your e-mail address. Follow the link in the letter to join Riter and confirm your account. After that, set a password to be able to login to Riter next time.

Navigation throughout projects

When you login to your account, you will be taken to the main page of one of the projects which you have been given access to. If you don't see any project opened, ask your manager to grant you access to some of them. Use the drop-down list in the main menu to navigate through projects and groups of projects.