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How to create and use a group of projects

When you have a lot of projects, it may be much more simple to work with all or some of them simultaneously. For example, if you want to see tasks from all your projects at the same time (on the same page). Or maybe some of these projects have something in common (for example, they are subprojects of one big project or somehow else related to each other). In this case, you can combine several projects into a group and work with it as with a usual project. All tasks, sprints, topics, and working hours will be displayed together. Here's how to do this.

Creating, updating, and deleting of groups of projects

From the "Admin panel", go to the "Projects" page and choose the "Groups" tab in the secondary menu. On this page, you will see all projects and project groups existing in your company. Project groups can be easily distinguished from projects by the "Setting" icon on the right of them. Also, in the "Projects" column you will see a list of projects included in the group.

In the first row of the table, you can fill in a couple of fields to create a new group. Just come up with a new unique name and choose necessary projects from the drop-down list of projects. Click "Create" to save the group. Use the "Settings" icon on the right to update or destroy a group.

Note: a group of projects is just a convenient way to temporarily combine multiple projects. You can safely delete a group - this won't affect projects (they won't be deleted).

Navigation throughout groups of projects

Groups of projects are displayed in the drop-down list along with all projects (reload the page to see the groups you've just created). The list is available in the main menu both in the development mode (to navigate throughout projects) and in the "Admin panel" (to get to the development mode). Thus, groups can be opened in the same way as any usual project. However, they can be distinguished from projects by a special three-points icon on the left of their titles.

Note: If you are not assigned to at least one of the projects included in a group, you won't have access to it (even if you're a manager).

Task management with a group of projects

The main page of a group of projects is similar to the main page of any project. However, you can see that the projects' shortnames appear in the square brackets before a title of each task - so you can understand which particular project the task belongs to. When creating a new task, you should specify in which project it should be included.

Time tracking with a group of projects

The main difference is due to the fact that when adding a working time interval you must say to which project it belongs. Also, on the "All Working Hours" page you can filter data by particular projects included in the current group (by default, you see statistics on all the projects of the group).