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How to set up your profile

You are able to update your first and last name, password, avatar, and set up your timezone. If you need to change your e-mail address, ask somebody with manager's rights to do this in the "Admin panel". In this case, you will get a letter with a link to confirm your new address.

Setting up your name, password, and timezone

Initially, your name was specified by the manager who created your account. You can change it and set up your timezone on the profile settings page. Click on your avatar or nickname in the main menu and choose the "My Profile" in the drop-down list to get there. You will be taken to the "Profile" tab where you can update your name and timezone. Go to the the next "Security" tab to change your password.

Changing your avatar

By default, each user has a unique avatar which is generated automatically. If you want to change it, use the Gravatar service. First, create an account if you don't have any. Then, choose a new image which should be used as an avatar for a certain e-mail address. Make sure that this is the e-mail which is associated with your Riter account - you can find it on the profile settings page. After that, return to Riter and reload the page - your avatar will be changed.