Riter v0.13.5 is already available

Hello, guys! We have prepared a bunch of the latest Riter updates with a detailed description so that they don't surprise you and cause no questions. For example, the process of creating a new project is now much more convenient and solves some previous difficulties of company owners. You should also know about changes in GraphQl API and extended account settings which are described below. In addition, we have updated our cookie policy and fixed some annoying bugs.

Software update

Creating a new project

In Riter, company owners and managers are able to create new projects in the management mode. In the latest version we have updated a new project page to speed up the process of projects creation and beginning of work on them. Now you are able to open access to a new project to any existing users at the stage of its creation. As you can see, all available company employees, whom you have added before with a "New user" option, are listed on the "New project" page. Just select those ones who should be assigned on the new project if you wish. Of course, you will be able to grant or revoke access to new users later in a usual way (on the project page in the management mode). If you have just started to use Riter and have no any other users there, we recommend that you first add your company's employees to the system, and then start creating projects to be able to use this feature.

Create new project

This update has solved a recent problem which you probably faced if you are a company owner. The fact is that earlier an owner had to create a separate developer's account to work on tasks of a new project in the development mode. Now this is superfluous – all company owners and project managers can get access to the development mode of new projects if necessary. This may be useful for small and average teams where the distribution of roles in the company is not so clear. Moreover, now when you create a new project, you are assigned to it by default, though you can cancel own access on the page of a new project creation (or on the project page later) if you just want to control the development process from the management mode, but not participate in the work on tasks.

Account settings

We have also added a possibility to change your first and last names. To this end, go to the "My Profile" page and then click on the settings icon. There you will be able to choose new values which can be modified as often as necessary. You can find the profile page on the main menu both for the development and management modes - just click on your avatar in the upper right corner to see the drop-down menu with the appropriate item.

Updated cookie policy

Don't miss changes in our Cookie Policy - continuing to use Riter, you automatically accept all its terms. So, we strongly encourage you to familiarize with the policy before using our project management tool. For our part, we promise to inform you about all the important changes in it in our blog and other resources, since we are completely transparent about information gathered and analyzed by our website. If something in the document doesn't make sense for you, feel free to contact us for more details.

GraphQl API

In the previous update we have told you about a new feature - saving deleted stories for their further recovery. And since we are watching to ensure that our API gives you complete freedom of action and covers all available tasks, we have surely extended it with this new functionality. Namely, we have added a possibility to get a list of deleted stories with GraphQl API. For more information, look at the story queries syntax - you will notice that the "scope" parameter (a type of stories required by the query) can take new values such as "deleted" and "with_deleted". The first one means that you need a set of all deleted stories, the second one let you get all stories including deleted tasks.

Small fixes

In addition, we have fixed several bugs to improve Riter usability. Here're the most significant ones:

  • Some localization, documentation and design fixes
  • Fix "Back to statistics" button on the statistics page
  • Change the order of deleted stories to descending. Pagination will be added soon
  • Fix the timezone error for projects on statistics page
  • Hide the project name on story cards when working on a single project
  • Show empty statistics page for users who are not assigned to any projects

Riter development team