Riter release 0.13.1

Over the past few weeks, Riter has seen a number of important updates. A significant part of the changes affected a company management panel, however, developers' capabilities were not ignored as well. In this release note you will know more about short project names and what they can be used for, new ability to restore deleted tasks, updates in GraphQl API, an additional statistics page and much more.

Riter admin panel

Short project names

As well as topics can have aliases, since today, project names also require alternative short names that must be unique for each one. You should specify this short name while creating a project and are able to change it anytime on the project page in the admin panel where it is displayed next to a full project name and a customer name. A short name can contain from 2 to 4 characters. We recommend that you use an abbreviation of components of a full name or some meaningful reduction so that you could always remember what a full project name is by this alias.

Management project page

So, what was this short name introduced for? If you often work with groups of projects simultaneously, you can easily see its purpose. The fact is that when a user selects several projects, all their stories are displayed together and it can be hard to understand which story belongs to which project. So, it would be great to help you to distinguish stories from different projects. To this end, we will show a short project name before a story name in square brackets in case if you are using project groups. When just one project is opened, it makes no sense to display its short name on the page. Short project name

Do not rush to leave

Since you'll still go to the project management page to check out short names usage, you can at the same time evaluate a new page of statistics that can be found in the corresponding tab. This is Activity statistics and you are already aware of its destination and available filtering parameters from another tables of statistics (for example, activity statisticsin the development mode). Thus, since now you don't need to leave the admin panel to know developers' activity on a particular project!

Secure deletion of tasks

If earlier you had to think long over removing unnecessary tasks (well, what if they will suddenly need you?), mistakenly lost important information or, conversely, for the sake of precaution accumulated a bunch of unnecessary drafts, now you can forget about these difficulties. Feel free to delete stories if they are superfluous in the current version of the product - keep your workplace clear and up-to-date. Tasks stored "just in case" may mislead some team members, even if they are located in the section "Unscheduled" and are drafts. This is safe, since with this version remote tasks can be restored. You can find all deleted tasks in the tab with an appropriate name on the Settings page.

GraphQl API update

If you use Riter API, you should take into account that it has also changed a little. To be precise, we have added a possibility to find a story by a project_slug. We are going to update our API documentation in the nearest future. Keep in touch to see more examples of use if necessary.

Demo company update

Riter demo company already provides you a lot of predefined data so that you could test all available functionality at once without creating your own datasets. However, if you want to extend demo company with your own examples, you can now do it as well. Do not hesitate to add as many new projects and tasks as you wish to make sure that everything works properly.

In addition to the new functionality, we have updated the interface of the application, but it is so simple and convenient that it does not need additional explanations - see for yourself!

Riter development team