Riter Release v0.14.9

Hi, guys! Meet the first autumn update from the Riter team. This time we have focused on improving your user experience and making a barrier to entry even lower. If you haven't yet tried Riter, it is a good time to sign up your own company so as the registration process has been simplified a lot. We have also added some important features both for project management and software developers, fixed several bugs and enhanced interaction with our users.

Registration of a new company

As you certainly know, you need to sign up your company to manage projects, customers and teams with Riter. Do not worry - you can do it in a couple of clicks and we are doing our best to make the process as clear and simple, as possible. We appreciate your time and want to save it, so we have added some important updates to this release:

  • Auto login of a new user after registration - as soon as you create a new company, you will be redirected to the company management panel where you can add new users, create projects, add customers, and so on.
  • Redirect to a new project page after registration - we believe that you can not wait to start working on projects, so when you get to the company management panel after creation of a new company, you will see a form of a new project creation. Of course, you don't need to start with this action if you wish, for example, to add new users or customers first.
  • Add help hints on a new project page - we hope that Riter is simple enough to navigate and somehow use it without communicating with our technical support or reading documentation. However, we are ready to provide you any help required during your introduction to the application. We have added some help hints for work with new projects. Feel free to ask for additional advice anytime if you find them not completely clear.

Remember: you still need to set your account password once you create an account (register a new company) to be able to log in next time. You should always confirm your account by following the link sent to your e-mail.

GraphQl API

We continue to work on Riter GraphQl API. Since we have launched it several months ago, you haven't been able to use it directly so as this requires access tokens. Now all project managers and company owners can generate personal access tokens for certain projects to access them via API. To this end, click "My Profile" in your dropdown profile menu and find the "Access tokens" page in the submenu.


On this page you are able to generate a new token for one or several applications which you want to interact with the API. Choose a name of a new token, select necessary projects from the list of existing ones, and specify life time of a new token ("Expired at" field) if you need. Don't forget to copy a new token generated and save it in a safe place. You will be able to remove it ("Revoke access") anytime later.


Settings of a project group

When working with a group of projects, you simultaneously see tasks from different projects on the same pages. On the main page with a list of all tasks you could always easily define what project each of them belongs to by the project's shortname displayed before a task's title. You could also filter statistics by project shortnames. But everything was a little worse on the setting page till this release. Now you can manage topic aliases while working with a group of projects as well. Shortnames of different projects will be shown before each topic alias so that you can distinguish similar topic aliases from several projects.


Keeping in touch with our users

Even though we don't have so many customers as Jira or Trello have, this allows us to devote more time to the needs of each of them. We try to always keep in touch and share our ideas and news with you. You are able to track for all updates on different channels which you like best. We've already maintained pages on Twitter, Facebook, Medium for some time. Since now, you can also find us on Dev.to - rather young, but very nice resource for developers. Less general topics, more technical decisions. You will definitely find a lot of useful articles there.

We have also improved the design of our blog - the first place where all important updates appear. To know more about the last changes in a current version, just click on it in the footer of any Riter page, and you will get to the post on the last release. Remember that you can find in the blog not only posts on the last updates, but also a lot of articles on project management, software development and related topics.

As usual: feel free to share your opinion on Riter, our posts in the blog and any other related issues with our team.


We have also worked on several bugs found in the previous version. Here's a list of the most significant fixes:

  • Fix a link to a group of projects on the profile page.
  • Fix a name of a current project group in mobile menu.
  • Fix an alert message appeared for time interval update.
  • Fix 500 error when user is not logged in.
  • Fix topics update for Completed stories.

If you know about any other bug that is not listed above, please, let us know.

Riter development team