Why Riter Is Called Riter: a Little About Etymology, Latin, and Knights

Let’s talk a little about the history of the tracker and maybe its future. There are so many management tools in our world right now. When it comes to finding out something new, you can get encouraged with a huge variety of propositions that are ready to help you with your planning. Every program has got its name, which in this or other way suits best for it. But have you thought about why programs got these names but not others? And how does the name of a program really describe the functionality of it?

I think, there is a space for reflection here. Every company tries to choose the best word, that represents all the possibilities of their product. Some of them are just simple to say and use, while others can have some hidden subtext. Being honest, very often it doesn’t even matter for customers, what the name of your company is, whose services they are using. But when your company gets more known, on unconsciousness level, people try to find the real meaning of that or other names. For this reason, the name of a company or a product is more important than you could guess. It’s like the face of your company.

So, what about us? Riter is not a worldwide known program yet. But we want this program to become a part of life for a lot of people, as it has already become a part of our life. So we want to find something simple to pronounce, easy to understand and “tasty” to hear. As you could suggest, there were a few ways to name our program, but from all, we have chosen that only one, which seems to reflect our idea and the future of the program in the best way.

It is impossible not to mention, about which associations you can get when hearing about “Riter”.

First of all, maybe you can associate the name of our product with such well-known chocolate as “Ritter Sport”. But it’s not similar first of all because of the different way of spelling. And we could imagine that once this big company was also thinking about the naming of their product and subtext of it. All in all, we can assure you that we have nothing in common with that chocolate.

One more way of associations, it’s a certain amount of little companies, who are doing different things and about whom you have a chance to hear while looking for some other things. As our world nowadays is so multifunctional, it’s not a surprise to meet the same naming of different projects. More important is not to forget what you really need, and looking for, when you began to find other projects that you need.

Another version of the meaning is a “knight”. If you take vocabulary, you’ll see that “Riter” translations from some languages mean that (for example, “Ritter” from German and “Ритер” from Macedonian). We can say that this meaning is close to us, because of our multifunctionality (as you know, knights were good cooks, because of being forced to prepare something to eat, while being away from home, protecting native lands; that’s also why there is a thought that men cook better), and security (they got a good armor, which protects their life while wars).


But there is also another, a closer meaning, which describes us as a rapid tool to do something. We’re referring to the Latin word “celeriter” (or, in short, “riter”) which means “quickly”. “Why Latin, that dead language?” — you can ask. Yes, you are right, but it is also eternal language. It’s a language which continues to be used even after disappearing. After there are no people anymore, who use it in their everyday life, it is still widespread.

So, naming our project in that way, we just want to say, that yes, we are fast, yes, we can guarantee you a safeness, and do everything to be useful for you, but there is something more, that distinguishes us among the others. Such fields like medicine and law not for nothing still use different terms in the Latin language. It helps to understand the importance and historicity of things, and words which people use.

The mechanism which moves people is their past and their faith in the eternal. And we want our project to become part of your life, to get you guarantee and confidence in tomorrow. We think that there is a sense in words: “As you name the boat, so shall it float”.