The Main Way to Optimize Your Work

Plan before you speak.

Every day we are in a hurry, every day our minds are filled with hundreds of thoughts. However, we don’t always pay attention to how powerful is what we think and speak about. A well-known fact is that your effectiveness increases significantly if you have already thought about those or other things. Indeed, everything begins with structuring in your head... Have you ever noticed that the result depends on how you have thought through your next actions, and how much time you have spent on analyzing and designing your further development? Brian Tracy said, "Remember that every minute spent on planning will save a few minutes of your work." Planning is actually a guarantee of the success of a modern person. A very important thing is to set the long-term and short-term goals.

Here are some tips on how best to plan:

-Buffer zones in the daily routine

Be sure to leave an enough margin between meetings: never plan them back to back, even if they are held in the same room or not far from each other. Life always makes adjustments, time is wasted on various household trivia, road, fees, etc. We are always too optimistic when we’re planning our time, and any delay can lead to significant changes in the entire timetable.

- Don’t break the chain

The essence of the method is not to break the sequence of days spent with a useful habit or while working on an important project as long as possible. For example, you decide to prepare a small part of the report every day. Mark in the glider those days when you are going to follow your rule. The main thing is to start, and then you will be enthralled with excitement and you won’t want to interrupt the long successful chain!

- “Eat frogs in the morning”

The Spanish got a saying: "Eat a frog every morning." In relation to the topic of planning, it means that the day should start with small unpleasant things - the so-called frogs. Completion of an unpleasant doing will give you a relief and a pleasant mood for the whole day. In case if you haven’t done this, it will remain until the evening or even will be postponed indefinitely.

- Five-minute rule

This is an excellent addition to the "eating frogs." If you need to do an unpleasant or uninteresting task, convince yourself that you will dedicate to it only five minutes. It is difficult to find reasons not to allocate such a short time for a task. This allows you to overcome procrastination and to start, and then you are more likely to get involved and work on the issue much longer.

- Create a sense of urgency

The Parkinson law sounds like this: "Work takes time, released on it." This law can be used like an advantage: change deadlines, make yourself spend less time on tasks – in any way you’ll fulfill them. Yes, everything has its limits - it is difficult to write an article in seven minutes. But if earlier you spent two hours on preparing it, try to allocate an hour in the glider - almost certainly you will cope with this task.

Successful planning and great results!;)

Riter development team