Successful Employee Recruitment

In search of good ways to hire the most appropriate employees and eliminate obviously improper ones, you will surely come across lots of tips on this subject. Building a good team is a priority for every company, but all of them cope with this task in different ways and with mixed success. Somebody bets on expanding the search area, another one prefers a more targeted choosing of candidates, some companies spend years of continuous work for creating a talent pool and keeping contacts with prospective candidates. But how and what kind of potential employees you would not attract to your office, there comes a time when you need to make a choice for or against them. And at this moment it is important which selection criteria are decisive.

Recruiting candidates

Now it has become extremely trendy among IT professionals to untie yourself from any particular technology and be considered some kind of "a specialist who can everything and don't tell him which tools he should use". Certainly, this is quite commendable from the point of view of a developer's technical proficiency. But this may be exceedingly dangerous in terms of the project and the rest of its participants. Imagine, for example, that a newly hired specialist will suddenly decide that some piece of the application would be utterly efficient to rewrite in the language-which-nobody-knows-except-him. In this case it is clear that the last thing which is really should be done is its rewriting in the above-mentioned language.

Do you see where we're going? The ability to work in a team is one of the most important characteristics of a developer and, as a rule, it is that one you should start an interview with. Then a new question arises: what do we mean by a good team player? Here, again, you can find many, undoubtedly, important criteria, which we would be glad to hear and discuss. We are sure that you have own interesting ideas on this matter! But we took the liberty of proposing our view: understanding the abilities and preferences of all your colleagues is the main characteristic of a great team player. Look for employees who meet this requirement, and you will see that teamwork and retention of talented developers will be much easier!

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