Riter v0.6.0 is already available!

Welcome to Riter v0.6.0! Some interesting improvements were added to it lately, which you should know about. You will find an overview of the most important updates below. Be sure that you use all features of your software!

Sorting stories on the fly

Good news! Stories sorting is now not only possible, but also extremely simple. You can replace a story within its section or move it to another sprint by dragging and dropping it to the required destination. The process is performed via websockets that makes it more than convenient and fast to use.

Note, that you can not drag approved stories - they are not amenable to interaction - but you are able to move stories around them so that they may be replaced anyway. You are also not allowed to drag-and-drop a story to an overdue section for obvious reasons.

Sorting stories

Documentation on Riter

Now you are able to look through the complete Riter documentation if you need help in some features usage. It includes separate sections for project managers and developers as well as a general product description. All documentation content will be updated regularly along with the tracker so that you can always get up-to-date information about Riter.


Optimization of stories loading

If you have a lot of stories on some project page, it could take a little more time to load them all than you would like to spend. This is particularly noticeable for archive stories, which number increases rather rapidly. We decided to optimize the process of stories loading with a pagination. Now stories will be loaded not all at once, but by turns.

How does it work? At first, Riter uploads stories for the first three sprints. Then it appends rest sprints one by one via AJAX. Thanks to pagination you don't need to wait while all data loads. Now the tracker is faster, so that your work with it should become even more comfortable.

User statistics through all projects

Riter allows you to get different types of statistics which can be useful for team leader, managers and developers. In its latest version you will be able to get statistics for a current user through all projects. All the data may be grouped by projects and week days. For a selected project the statistics will be grouped by stories and weekdays. A filtering by projects is available too. If a filtering is not used (all projects are included into the statistics report), inactive projects won't be shown there. If, during the pagination by weeks, the project becomes active - it is added to this week statistics. However, if a filtering is used (at least one project is excluded from the statistics), the same project won't be added to the report during pagination through weeks where it gets active. Stories statistics includes all time intervals with the current user's participation even if he or she is not added to the story.

And a few fixes

We have also changed some previous updates at requests of our users:

  • Fixed "Set password" message on user profile. We remind that each new Riter user has to set a password to log in his account after the current session ends.
  • Fixed filtering by users when they were unassigned from a story.
  • Fixed pagination with active filters when next pages ignored filter criterias.
  • Optimization of AJAX-requests: reducing their number, adding shortcuts for a question mark and content state, adding more callbacks to eliminate requests to server, simplifying callbacks flow. As a result, the application has become faster and more responsive.

We hope you enjoy the new version of Riter! If you have questions or suggestions, please, let us know by email.

Riter development team