Riter release v0.8.0

Hi, guys! The updated Riter version 0.8.0 is ready for use. This release will pleasantly surprise you with the extended functionality of project management and statistics tracking which can be equally useful for both developers and managers. New sprint configuration options become also available now. And as usual, we continue to work on the application design and performance. You will find a detailed description of all Riter changes in the post below.

Project groups

With the new version, you don't need to switch between several projects you are working with all the time to look through existing tasks, create a new one or track the statistics. You can save a lot of time grouping them instead. It gives you the opportunity to unite some related projects data and display on the same Riter pages for more convenient work with them. Such a group can also be used to gather all projects of a specific user together.

Project groups

Note, that you must have access to all projects which you would like to include into a particular group. To create a group of projects you need to list their titles separated with a comma in the URL. For example, for a group which includes projects "The Night's Watch" and "Beyond the Wall" the URL will look like


Project groups management is similar to actions that you can perform with each of them individually. When you open the main page of a group, you can see a list of stories belonging to all its projects. In the main menu the group is named as a combination of involved projects titles. Creating a new story, you need to specify which project it should be added to. On a statistics page a new kind of filters (by projects) appears.

User activity statistics

We have modified Riter statistics page, divided it into two separate sections: "General" and "Activity" statistics. The first one includes already familiar to you reports on gross worked hours grouped by weeks, weekdays and users. Here you can already get statistics on a particular user grouped by stories and weekdays or some weekday statistics for a specified user. Activity page serves a similar purpose but in a different way. It shows you which tasks all your users were involved in during a week and how much time they spent for each of them. All the data are grouped by weeks, users and stories. Filtering by users, topics and projects (if you are working with a group of them) are available here as well.

Activity page

Sprint configurations

Creating a project, you are able to specify a length of a sprint period your team would like to work with. By default, it is 7 days long. Besides, you can select a weekday when a sprint should start (its preset value is Monday). Sprints are used to group all your stories on the main page for convenient interaction with them. They simplify your team's orientation among tasks and planning work for current and future weeks. Statistics pages also use sprint length to present your work progress.

Sprint settings

Bugfix and optimizations

In each version of Riter we pay special attention to its performance and stability, optimizing existing modules and fixing bugs. This time, the following shortcomings were fixed:

  • Registration confirmation link did not work properly. Now they do.
  • Estimation form was not correctly displayed in Google Chrome. Red flash message won't appear while time is changing anymore.
  • The project filter section should be shown only for project groups with more then one item included. Otherwise it must be hidden.

And, finally, let's talk about some obvious things which you, of course, have noticed yourself. As you can guess, we mean Riter refreshed design: new fonts, color palette and mobile layout support with responsive header menu elements. We hope you will appreciate it. We have also optimized some JSON requests to increase Riter productivity. Check it yourself now!

Riter development team