Riter release 0.12.3

Hi, guys! The last two months did not pass in vain - Riter v0.12.3 is now available with a lot of vital updates and bug fixes. Hurry to visit the demo company to see them on your own: extended statistics on the user and project pages, the updated demo company, advanced management capabilities along with the improved layout all over the application. As you will soon discover, a huge amount of work has been done to make your usage of the software more convenient. And here's a complete list of changes just in case you do not notice them right away.

Project management tool

Stay vigilant with more tracking options

To begin with, we continue working on statistics pages so that your teamwork could become even more productive and transparent. Riter is a great tracking tool which should be useful not only for developers, but for any interested party. You do not need to work on tasks yourself to be a part of the system and stay informed about what John is currently working on or how many hours you need to pay Michael for the last week. This time we have added two important pages of statistics with the appointment of which you are already familiar thanks to other units of the application:

  • Activity statistics of a particular user. As you probably know, you are able to get a report on your own work progress just by following the "My Statistics" list item in the drop-down profile menu. Up to this release, there were only general and performance statistics, that are useless when you want to see the activity itself instead of worked hours or productivity estimates.

  • Performance statistics on a project page in the management mode. If you are a manager or an owner of some project, you no longer have to go to its page in the development mode as a mere mortal to see what you are paying your team for. All the necessary statistics data (such as performance statistics) is now available on the project page along with general statistics.

Project management with Riter

Riter, first of all, is a project management tool, and we do our best to simplify manager's work with it. You could notice that we have improved the main page, where a full list of projects is displayed with the main information about each of them. But that is not all! What is more importantly, we have finally added the ability to create a new user right away with manager's rights. Now, when adding a new user to the system in a usual way, you can easily assign this role to him just by ticking the "Manager" item.

Project management mode

Explore Riter with the demo company

Riter demo company was created to speed up your familiarity with all features of the application. Instead of wasting time to register and enter all the necessary data, it is better to save it for real tasks. Thanks to the demo company, you can test Riter in just a few minutes and decide if it is the tool you need for your goals. That's why we try to optimize the data of demo company so that it could cover all possible issues and answer all your questions in the best way. It is a tool for presenting Riter to our users, so do not hesitate to visit it and do anything you wish with the existing data - it is anyway regularly updated to the original state. This time, we have updated the company's database a little, to make the tasks and reports on them more representative. We have also changed the time of updating the company's data and the procedure for sprints creation.

Demo company statistics

If you still have questions about using of some features - please, contact us for more details.

Riter development team