Project Management Digest, January 2019

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Having a hard time managing teams, projects, or the whole company lately? You’re not alone. We are beginning this series of articles to spread the best practices and experience gathered from many software development teams.

This is a pilot release of our monthly digest focused primarily on materials and resources for project management needs. However, we’re going to avoid repetitive problems and tips, looking for truly relevant and unique content. We seek to collect the latest materials on Agile, time management, productivity, teamwork, risk assessment, collaboration, and many related topics, that will be useful for a wide range of people. Regardless of whether you are a project or product manager, a team lead, a scrum master, a product owner, or somebody else working in the IT field, this digest will always have something suitable for you.

Topical articles in accordance with your goals

Most popular content

Look thought the most popular articles on project management just to keep up with the latest news in your field of activity.

Most discussed articles

Looking for communication with colleagues instead of dry facts? Join the most intense discussions on topics of interest to you.

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The following group of articles seems to be the most controversial topics on project management and related issues for now. Share your experience and thoughts on them.

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Feeling tired after a long day of work? Leave the news and controversial articles for tomorrow. Just view the following entertainment materials for fun and relaxation.

Choose the most interesting articles by topics

Agile, Scrum, and the best PM practices

Time management, KPIs, and productivity

Teamwork and collaboration

Managing teams and companies

The best resources for project managers

  • A huge number of novice project managers often ask about good resources and appropriate communities for obtaining experience and sharing knowledge with colleagues. We have compiled such a selection that will be equally interesting to both professionals and novice specialists, and whoever just interested in this area.

General resources

  • — maybe one of the most large-scale resources with discussions, blogs, huge knowledge base, events, templates, webinars, tools, and all the rest for project managers.

  • Manager Tools — this website offers free weekly podcasts, contains a forum, and some informational content (events, tools, reviews, links) for project managers.

  • Agile Alliance — a nonprofit community focused on exploring and applying Agile values, principles, and practices of software development. The website contains a great number of resources (reports, articles, educational materials), upcoming events, news, and a list of community groups around the world.

Currently active PM podcasts

  • PM Podcast — hosted by Cornelius Fichtner, the podcast already includes 427 (mostly free) episodes for project managers, both beginners and experts. Episodes are usually released weekly (sometimes even more often) and last up to 30 minutes.

  • 5 Minutes Project Management Podcast — 455 episodes (organized into 15 playlists by topics) published by Ricardo Vargas and focused on project, portfolio, and risk management (each 5 to 10 minutes long). Episodes are released at intervals of 1 to 4 weeks.

  • PM for the Masses Podcast — hosted by Cesar Abeid, the podcast already includes about 118 episodes about general project management concepts, based mostly on interviews with project management and productivity gurus, personal stories of success or failures, and own author’s tips and experience. Episodes last 20-60 minute and are released about once a week.

Author blogs

  • Joel on Software — the blog includes about 1114 articles about software development, management, and business written by Joel Spolsky, CEO and co-founder of Stack Overflow.

  • Mountain Goat Software — a lot of posts since 2005 about estimating, main Agile and Scrum concepts, planning, leadership, etc., prepared for product owners, managers, and scrum masters. In addition to blog posts, the website includes presentations, videos, and much more.

  • The Accidental Product Manager hosted by Dr. Jim Anderson, the blog tells how to develop, launch, and manage products. The author analyzes and interprets examples of project management success and failures from companies around the world, shares own 25+ years experience and practices of applying project management skills to products at different stages of development.

Telegram groups/channels

  • PrMaB — the channel publishes a great number of actual project management materials (books, articles, reports, events, etc.), mostly in PDF format, as a rule, several posts daily.

Reddit communities

  • Projectmanagement — the biggest Reddit community dedicated to project management with a focus on the software development area with 17,000+ subscribers and no commercial promotion allowed. The community includes all about PM: discussion, success and failures stories, educational materials, news, etc.

  • Productivity — a more general community, however, with a lot of useful content for managers: planning and time tracking, communication, co-working, team building, meetings, deadlines, and so on. Open to sharing your views and experience.

  • Agile — one more community for project managers, scrum masters, and most software development teams in general following Agile principles. A great number of subscribers makes it a good place to ask questions and share your experience in Agile, Scrum, Extreme Programming, Lean, Kanban, etc.

Dev. to communities

At Dev. to posts are written by many different authors around the world that makes them quite diverse and frequent.

  • For example, the Productivity content includes posts about holding effective meetings, ways of improving team productivity, open source time tracking software, and much more things not only for project managers, but also for the whole software development team.

  • Posts about Agile, Startups, Leadership, and Management will be interesting for project and product managers, team leads, product owners, and entrepreneurs.

  • The Softskills, Teamwork and Team topics will be useful for a wider audience, including articles about time estimation, communication with the team, managers and customers, problems with deadlines, etc.

Medium publications

  • Take a look at the Startup publication designed for product owners, managers, team leads, and all other software development enthusiasts. A wide range of topics includes collaboration, time management, communication with customers, software development, and much more.

  • ProductCoalition — the world’s largest free product management community with 2,000+ articles, 300+ writers, and 2,700+ members in their Slack community.

  • Entrepreneurs Handbook — another popular Medium publication about startups, entrepreneurship processes, tech innovations, and management with frequent updates and many authors.

Have something to share?

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Let’s make this digest better

What other content and resources you’d like to see here? Please share your favorite communities and thoughts in the comments or write to us directly. We’d like to make this digest better with your help. Do not be limited to typical project management topics and feel free to suggest any new ones.

Who we are and why we’re writing to you

We’re a software development team with own, mostly successful, experience in project and remote team management. However, this is only a drop in the ocean compared with the experience of thousands of teams and companies around the world. Therefore, we prefer to collect and summarize existing examples and mistakes instead of imposing our own views on you. We definitely won’t tell you about our projects, and much less promote something here. However, you can share your own projects with us and own readers as examples of your success stories, instructive or fun experiences, and innovative ideas.

We hope you’ve found something interesting here. If so, we will appreciate if you subscribe and share the post with your colleagues. Wait for more resources and articles in the next digest in a month.