Meet Riter v0.7.2

Hi, guys! Meet an updated version of Riter with better performance and more stable operation. In this new release we focused on fixing bugs and finalizing existing functions. As a result of some optimizations, work in Riter became even more reliable and pleasant! You will find a full list of changes below.

Sorting stories

When you create a new task, it is automatically placed into one of the sections on the main page. It can be a section of some chosen week or an unscheduled stories section. Thus, all your tasks are conveniently grouped by weeks. But how should the stories be sorted within one section? Somebody may note that sorting order is not so important, because you can easily move tasks to any place of the page in an instant. However, our developers decided that some default order still does not disserve. Now stories will be sorted by the date and time of creation, so new tasks will always be added at the end of their section. Check it right now!

Stories estimation

Story estimation is an integral part of the development of any project. Moreover, if the estimation of simple regular tasks does not cause any problems as a rule, difficulties may arise even for experienced team members when it comes to non-standard tasks evaluation. If the accuracy of the assessment is sufficiently important, it may be reasonable to discuss and precise it by various developers during the work process. However, the previous version of Riter did not allow you to do this in the best way. You could notice that if an estimation field lost focus while time editing, the updated value was not saved. If you were worried about this as we did, we hasten to please you - the problem is solved! Now you can easily update your stories estimated time while it will be needed.


Admin panel

Some more useful updates you should know about are in the admin panel, so you need to be a manager to check them out. Firstly, we have modified "Projects" page in the next way: each project page should contain "Revoke access" and "Grand access" buttons to assign and decline users on it. The "Revoke access" was already added to the project page in the previous version, but it did not work correctly all the time. Now it does!

Secondly, we have supplemented the "Users" page with some grouped data on their work. Now you will be able to find lists of active and archive projects on separate tabs on each user page.

User page

Other fixes

As you remember, in the last version of Riter we talked about a demo company in which you will be able to try and test all the Riter functionality on existing data sets. Link to this company page is going to appear on our site in the nearest time! Our team is just finishing the last small edits before presenting it to you. Stay tuned for updates so you do not miss out!

Another bug fixed in the new version used to happen when you tried to open a profile page without active projects. In this case you could see an error message instead of expected data. Of course, you do not have to be already involved in any work to start using Riter, so we fixed the issue. We have also fixed a problem with updating a story. As you can guess, story content must be refreshed after the update.

We are doing our best to make Riter more convenient for users. If you have ideas or preferences for its features, let us know by email. Stay with us and wait for new updates in just a couple of weeks!

Riter development team