Meet Riter v0.9.4

We are pleased to present you a new version of Riter with even more features and improved design. Extended possibilities for developers and project managers are focused on predicting your needs and customizing the application for them. You will find out about updated Riter setting options and the latest bug fixes in the post below.

Default project

Now it is much easier to get on the page of some default project you are working on. It may be quite useful if you are involved into a lot of jobs, so you do not have to search every time for that one you opened literally half an hour ago. In the new version Riter saves information about the latest project (or several ones if project groups are used) in cookies and redirect you to its main page when you login the application. If there is no any recent project visited, you will be taken to the first available one.

Advanced design

We have also fixed stories drag and drop for mobile devices. Some design elements such as menus, buttons and so on were modified as well. Textarea fields were fixed as well to prevent their horizontal resizing while inputting data. We hope you will find the new application interface more attractive so as we do. You can see for yourself that Riter becomes more suitable for different devices with each update. Riter is designed to keep you informed about the current workflow anywhere and anytime.

Bug fixes

Finally, we have fixed a bug of creation a story for a certain sprint. As you know, every sprint section contains a card for creating a new story which must be placed to the corresponding stories group at once. However, in the previous version of Riter it did not work properly. Due to your contribution, we noticed an error and fixed it. Always let us know about any problem with Riter, and we will solve it in the next version.

Riter development team