Free for Startups: Early-stage Companies Should Stay Alive

As a startup-oriented team, we understand how difficult it may be to build a product from scratch. Many startups fail when they try to scale up too early, and their enthusiasm fades away, facing bureaucracy of advanced methodologies and tools designed for large projects and teams. Sometimes, on the contrary, it happens when teams neglect long-term planning and realistic assessment of their capabilities. Also, many excellent ideas remain unfulfilled because of the lack of understanding and collaboration between teammates.

We believe that everybody should support growing companies to the best their abilities, and many are already doing this. High-level organization and cooperation are critical in the early stages of development. That’s why we provide Riter for free to all startups without any time restrictions. Let’s grow up together!

There’re some reasons why Riter is perfect for startups:

  • It is not overwhelmed with unnecessary features which will only waste your time and money for now. Of course, much functionality is available, but it can be added on request as plugins, so your workspace remains light and optimally scaled for your team.
  • It provides maximum independence for developers, allowing them to manage everything with minimal or no interference from managers. In small teams, there's usually no need for restricted access since they have a high level of confidence between co-workers. However, you still can set up permissions if you wish.
  • Riter suggests minimum steps required to do something. You get a workspace configured by default for startups and small teams. It is simple enough to start using it at once after registration. Of course, you can always change and adjust it for your specific conditions if necessary.
  • And finally, Riter ensures gradual extensibility with the help of plugins, so your project management software will scale along with your company growth, not faster.

As a startup, you’ll get for free:

  • Unlimited number of projects
  • Unlimited number of users
  • A separate subdomain
  • Full GraphQL API
  • Up to 10 free connected plugins
  • Continuous technical support on all issues

When you grow and need more, you can pay just $10 for each additional plugin and get your custom domain and design as well.

Check it out now!