Choosing the Best Solution for Issue Tracking

Sometimes we ask ourselves — how to choose what we need and, what is more important, how to understand what we need. The same question arises when you need to choose the best way to plan your work and to control all the processes which happen in your project. An issue tracker is an excellent choice which gonna make your life easier, but how not to lose control of what you need and get rid of overpaying? That’s what we gonna talk about.

It seems that there are a lot of different proposals nowadays, and you can fastly select precisely the thing you need. But when it comes to business, you often find out that there are a lot of different nuances. There is an expression like «so many men, so many minds». Every tracker is good in it's own way because every developer tries to fulfill it with the best properties according to his tastes. So, you need to understand clearly what you want to pick up for yourself and your team. Trying to find the best one in the enormous amount of everything, you always forget about your basic requirements and concentrate on the offers which are higher in the list, or which are advertised by people on different blogs.

So as not to get on the hook, first of all, you need, to determine a list of requirements, which suits best for your activity. It could be a particular kind of bots or just a huge amount of different apps like todos, reminders, etc. The best way to deal with this is just to analyze what are you working on. Take a pen and try to write down which tools will help you to work better and faster. It’s not a secret that using a paper and a pen always helps us to come to the right decision, even in the most straightforward cases.

After you find out which are the main things you are oriented on in your workflow, you can try to read some blogs and reviews of that. You can even try yourself in a demo version, to understand better the way of tracker working. Also, you might remember that a greater number of available functions doesn’t mean that this is a better tracker.

There are two sides to every coin. One side is that popular programs are better because they have so many users and even on a subconscious level you understand that it is safer and works better. On the other hand, you should also understand that there is no reason to overpay for functions which you’ll never use. Furthermore, you’ll save your time because of no reason to learn all extra functions.

So, summing up, you need just to have a clear idea, which tools will help you to work faster and better and then find a tracker with such functions and without an excessive quantity of other features. Besides, there is a sense to draw your attention to the interface. The more extra buttons you see before your eyes, the harder it is to concentrate on your work. Minimalism is in trend today.

Finally, wish you a productive work, and find your best tracker.

Riter development team