Meet Riter v0.11.0

Hi, guys! We hope you've got a good rest during the recent holidays and are ready to continue working on projects. If so, meet Riter's first update in 2018. We have expanded abilities of tracking statistics, updated the design, increased usability and fixed some bugs. So, let's get started in order!

Quick company registration

We've heard that some of our users met troubles with registration in Riter. So we carefully studied this process and made it as clear as possible. We hope that this won't cause any questions since now (any way, do not hesitate to contact us when necessary). Hints will accompany you in the first stages of work if you suddenly need help. You can also easily disable them to deal with everything yourself. If you earlier had problems with getting confirmation letters or these letters got into spam, note that we have solved the issue so this must not cause any inconvenience to you anymore.

Check it now!


New statistics features

Tracking statistics is one of the most important ability of a project manager: it allows you to stay aware of the current project state and get detailed reports without interfering in the workflow. With Riter you don't need to distract your team from the real work for regular meetings and preparation of reports.

As you know, Riter already provides you several types of statistics: general worked hours, users' performance, activity, global company statistics and a report on your own statistics. With the latest release you get an additional one: Timeline. It can be found on the Statistics page that is available from the main menu. Choose the corresponding secondary menu item to see the well-known table, navigation arrows and the filtering panel. The table shows you which weekday and time your team members are usually active. Knowing the habitual schedule of work of your colleagues will allow you to better organize your teamwork. However, as you probably noticed, the Timeline statistics is still in process of developing. We plan to improve its design and capabilities in the nearest update. We are also working on Riter API to cover all the latest statistics changes.

Better team management

This section can be interesting for managers who have access to the admin panel. We have updated the Users page to represent Riter users in a more convenient form. Now this page contains a list of users cards with short information about them: a full name and a nickname, a special role (a manager or/and an owner), a list of projects which the user has access to. Click on a particular name to open a detailed report on the user. Do the same with a project title to get to its page. Icons in the upper right corner tell you about the user's rights of a manager or/and an owner. Hover the icon to know its meaning. If a user has no such an icon, this is a usual developer without additional rights.

Users cards

Any suggestions?

If there are some features that you really need in your work and which are missing in Riter, let us know about them! You can use a new contact form on our website or find us on Twitter or Facebook. There you will also find posts about all updates, special offers and related tips on software development and project management.

Riter development team